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La Vida Verde

Your virtual and community space, to nurture yourself in well-being, conscious eating and sustainability. 

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Pron.: |The| |vi| |é| |vert|


we honor life!


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Palm Trees

Nuestros valores,

Lo que nos enraiza, nos mueve, nos une...

1. Autenticidad. Lo auténtico nos habla de la esencia.

2. Transparencia. Para crear vínculos sólidos. De adentro hacia afuera.

3. Compartir. ¡Que alegría existe en el dar y recibir!

4. Co-crear. Crear la vida que deseamos experimentar y materializar ideas que ¡honran la vida!


Compartir información, inspirar y concientizar a honrar la vida y conectar con la esencia.


A través de información útil, práctica y accesible sobre desarrollo personal, nutrición consciente y sostenibilidad. Así como a través de la promoción de productos éticos y ecológicos.

Behind La Vie est Verte

Around here there are several of us who share this journey. And since we know that the road in company is much more fun, we want to give you a hand in this adventure of reconnecting with the Vital Force.

This space is offered by Karla, and she is accompanied by other creative magicians who have been an inspiration, support and catalyst for her journey.

Through our findings we give you a hand in that (re)connection with your Essence so that you also lead a life full of VITALITY!

Our articles

Wellbeing, Conscious Eating, Ecology and much more...
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"Whatever is integrated and harmonized inside is experienced in the outside"


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